Phew! That Was Close!

Well, last week’s SVB bank failure and subsequent de-peg of crypto’s second largest stablecoin, USDC, had everyone scared. Luckily, before the market could open on Monday, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and U.S. prudential regulators announced that all depositors with Silicon Valley Bank will be made whole.

That also included a $3.3B USDC reserve deposit held at Silicon Valley Bank, about 8% of the USDC total reserve. Nonetheless, the last weekend had everyone terror-stricken, from the startup world to the crypto world.

It all started when Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), the 16th largest U.S. bank with $212B in assets, with a primary focus on the startup industry, collapsed within a period of 48 hours, putting the entire startup/tech industry at risk.

The failure of SVB not only put the entire startup ecosystem at risk but also crypto’s darling - the second largest stablecoin, USDC. Circle, the company responsible for issuing and redeeming US-dollar backed stablecoin USDC, had approx. $3.3B USDC reserve deposit held at Silicon Valley Bank, about 8% of the USDC total reserve.

Suddenly, with the failure of SVB, hence the loss of deposit (stablecoin’s backing), the crypto market reacted with panic, which led to the de-peg of the stablecoin. From a simplistic assumption, the market reacted by thinking $3.3B out of $40B (total supply of USDC) is completely lost, hence 8% exposure; therefore, USDC should be worth $0.92.

Lo and behold, the USDC was soon trading at $0.92. Then came another set of traders and crypto Twitter threaders joining hands to let people know that $3.3B exposure to SVB is not lost in its entirety; therefore, USDC is worth more than $0.92 but still less than $1.

And soon enough, we saw USDC trading at a price range of $0.95 to $0.98. Well, before our CT threaders and bank-run expert come up with more ideas to price the stablecoin correctly, Circle announced that its deposit held at SVB would be fully available when U.S. banks open on Monday. And they were.

And kids, that’s how we spent that dark weekend of March’23.

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