Welcome to Web3 Wednesdays.

Welcome to Web3 Wednesdays.
web3 wednesdays - your weekly dose of web3

Web3 Wednesdays is a weekly newsletter from Obvious Tech where we cover everything around the web3 world.

In this weekly newsletter, we cover a brave new financial world with new beginnings, with buds of DeFi yield on the trees, lighter evenings of institutional adoption, blowing of thaw-winds of new layer-1 chains, young grass spring of ZK-rollups, the chaos of crypto Twitter, mushrooms of Ethereum scaling solutions and of course, the tips of tender green and red candles as the market breaks all-time-highs or lower lows.

In not so poetic terms, Web3 Wednesdays curate, covers, and analyzes all the tiny corners of  web3 world developments so that you can stay on top of all everything crypto and make informed decisions about the ever-changing and fastest-moving web3 world.

We, at Obvious Tech, believe in the web3 world where societies can become more connected and efficient by removing the rent-seeking entities and distributing the value back to the users. A world without platform dependencies and intrinsically more resilient with peer-to-peer communication. A world where we own our data and are able to share it with assured privacy and top-notch security. A brave new world.

So, let’s get started on web3, shall we?